What is an exemplary building?

An exemplary building is a construction responding to a certain number of criterias


The project must look into minimizing the needs in primary energy and the use of conventional energies (fuel, gas, electricity) and aim towards a zero carbon building (no CO2 emissions).


The project has to include measures to limit the impact of the building on man and his environment, when it comes to water management, comfort and health, waste management, materials, etc.

Profitability & reproducibility

The existing techniques and the innovative solutions must be combined in an ambitious project, but always accessible on a technical and financial point of view for the Brussels market.

Architectureal quality & visibility


The project’s visibility, its establishment in the public space and its architectural quality (specifically on a living comfort aspect, esthetic and good use of materials) are also evaluated..

Since 2007, the Brussels-Capital region has organized an annual competition in order to support and develop the construction or renovation of « exemplary buildings ».  The goal of the competition is to prove that it is possible to attain excellent environmental  performances with new or renovated constructions.  An annual envelope of several million euros is shared between the most promising projects.  In the last 3 years (2007, 2008 and 2009), 117 projects earned the award of “exemplary building”.  They represent no less than a total of 265.000 sqm. They consume up to 10 times less energy and are built with ecological materials.

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